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Forest Crayons

Forest Crayons

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Forest Crayons is a set of crayons made from Japanese wood.

Each set includes ten crayons, each with a colour derived solely from a different species of tree native to Japan such as cedar, hazenoki and katsura. By repurposing Japan’s otherwise wasted timber as a source of pigment, Forest Crayons breathes new life into the country’s abundant wood resources, allowing one to appreciate and create with the forest like never before.

Learn more about the original Forest Crayons project.

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Designed through play

Originally designed and prototyped by Playfool (Daniel Coppen & Saki Maruyama), Forest Crayons aims to reinvigorate a love for Japan's abundant wood resources while questioning the creative potential of our environment.

Sourced sustainably

From familiar trees such as cedar to more unique species like hazenoki, each crayon in every set of Forest Crayons is produced from off-cut wood sourced locally from forests all over Japan.

Crafted in Japan

After months experimenting and refining to achieve the most vibrant result possible, the final crayons have each been carefully crafted by the Mizutani brothers at their modest factory located in the outskirts of Nagoya.

Embrace nature

While the colour of wood is often thought of as simply ‘brown’, Forest Crayons reveals the vast spectrum of hues that exist in the forest. By embracing wood’s unique properties, Forest Crayons provide a creative experience like no other.

  • Specifications

    Ingredients: Wood, Rice Wax, Rice Oil

    Volume: 10 colours

    Dimensions: 145x103x16 (mm)

    Made in Japan

  • Caution

    • For best results, we recommend using art paper.

    • As the product is made from natural materials, colour and drawability may change over time.

    • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.